5 Signs You May Need Sewer Repair


5 Signs You May Need Sewer Repair

Sewage problems seem like they can sneak up on you. Make sure you know these signs so you can call for sewer repair before it's too late. Being a homeowner means taking care of your property from the quality of air and heating to sewage and draining.

However, with commitments like work and personal life to take care of, it can be hard to stay on top of things. This is especially difficult for maintenance which is only needed every once in a while. Such responsibilities can slip through the cracks because they are not part of a regular routine. Lucky for you, there are a few signs your home systems will give to remind you to check up on them.

Here are five ways to tell you may need to call a plumber for sewer repair.

1. Stinky Smells Spell The Need For Sewer Repair

This is one of the most telling signs your sewage needs repair. When stink starts to creep into your home, it is likely a result of a burst pipe or at the very least a leak. Such holes can leave room for mold and mildew to enter your system, which needs to be treated right away.

Without getting to the bottom of such a dangerous issue, mold could reappear. Take it seriously, because mold poses a threat to your belongings and your health.

2. Sounds of Running Water

Another way to recognize a leak is if it sounds like a leak. Do you hear water dripping where it shouldn't be? Do your pipes make sounds even without a faucet on?

If so, check for leaks and bursts as soon as possible. The quicker you catch the source of the problem, the faster you can prevent bigger issues from happening.

3. Drainage Issues

Sometimes, instead of having too much water running, you may experience water clogs due to drainage problems. Water clogging is just as problematic, if not worse. It often leads to busted pipes, and can even cause raw sewage backup to appear in your drains.

The source of clogs can be anything from too many things running down your drains to old tree roots penetrating your pipes. Be wary of how much food makes it down the kitchen sink and the hair you may lose in the shower.

4. Wet Patches Of Land

Wet patches can lower the value of your property and the quality of your living. This form of sewage leaking can lead to the appearance of septic waste in your yard. The waste can carry harmful gases, and it will definitely amp up the stench level around your home.

Sometimes, symptoms of wet patches can be as subtle as extra greenery. Sewage leaks can essentially fertilize your land, so be on alert if you ever see extra lush patches of grass pop up.

5. Spike In Your Water Bill

A leak in your plumbing system means there is more water traveling through the pipes even if you are using your sinks and showers at your regular rate. The use of more water will raise your bill in just one month's time. If you see a rate rise for no reason, the answer is simple.

Check for leaks and be quick to handle any necessary repairs in order to get your bill under control.

Get to Know Your Local Sewer Repair Specialists

It is much easier to handle your home's sewer repair necessities when you know what to look for. Don't underestimate a wet patch in the yard or even just one month of higher bills. It doesn't hurt to already know who to call, either. The longer you wait to call in a sewer repair specialist, the worse a problem can be. Contact us today to learn more about your sewage upkeep options or set up an inspection.

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