Why Is My Water Bill So High?


Expert plumbing advice about lowering your water bill

Big problems have small beginnings, and this is as true for your water bill as it is for anything else. Your house, no matter its current state, is a technological marvel–importing tons of water every month to keep you clothed, fed, and clean. But all this technology relies on a carefully constructed system of finite parts, and even a small leak can siphon off thousands of gallons over the course of a month. Even a small problem could mean your bill would skyrocket.

The good news is that regular maintenance and as-needed fixes by experts, like those at Armstrong Plumbing, can solve your problems in no time.

Leaky Toilets

Leaky toilets hike your water bill by wasting water that runs through your meter. Over time, these leaks can even rust other pipes down the line and cause more damage and even potentially create more leaks and other structural problems.

Armstrong Plumbing is prepared to find and stop leaks from faulty toilets, frequently in just an hour or two of work.

Dishwashers or Washing Machines

Dishwashers and washing machines can bring your water bill up through leaks that expend more water than you need. These can be tricky to find because of their placement, usually inside of cabinets or up against walls. It’s common to find a leak from these machines by seeing water damage elsewhere.

If you’re worried about these expensive leaks from dishwashers or washing machines,  Armstrong Plumbing can bring them back to full operating condition and start saving you money on your water bill.

Hot Water Heater Leaks

Your hot water heater can bring up your water bill easily if it has sprung a leak, especially because it’s usually located in a basement or attic where we don’t go regularly.

Ensuring that your water is warm when you want it is Armstrong Plumbing’s business. We know every model of water heater on the market and can return your appliance to working order, or work with you to find an affordable replacement.

Underground Leaks

Underground water leaks can create major problems for a water bill by distributing water that should go into your house out into the soil or foundation. These can sometimes be the worst offenders for spiking your water bill, as a major leak or rupture might go unnoticed for a long time. In addition to elevating your water bill, these kinds of leaks can also cause structural problems in other parts of the home and create unwanted smells.

Solving underground leaks requires top-of-the-line equipment and know-how from plumbers who know an area well. Armstrong Plumbing has been fixing sewer lines in St. Louis for decades.

Energy-Efficient Plumbing Options

Smart home plumbing can assist with bringing your regular water bill down consistently. By keeping your water flow at industry standards with energy-efficient appliances and plumbing, you can safely predict what your costs will be month-to-month without worry.

Armstrong Plumbing has decades of experience, both in installing smart home plumbing and also in bringing down water bills by fixing leaks. When you need your plumbing problem solved, call Armstrong Plumbing at (636) 538-5179, or fill out a form for more information.

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