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O’Fallon Water Heater Repair

Fixing Broken Water Heaters for Customers in O’Fallon, Florissant, Chesterfield, and the Surrounding Areas

When your water heater starts acting up, it can throw a wrench into your daily routine, interrupting your morning shower and affecting your laundry and dishwashing schedule. Get back on track with a little help from the water heater repair team at Armstrong Plumbing. Our trained, experienced, licensed, and insured team offers a range of solutions, including solutions for tankless water heaters, to our customers in O’Fallon and the surrounding areas.

We understand the essential role your water heater plays in maintaining comfort and convenience in your home. That’s why our team of certified professionals is dedicated to resolving your water heater woes swiftly and effectively. Whether it’s a minor issue or a more complex problem, we have the expertise and the commitment to get your water heater back in perfect working condition.

Is Your Water Heater in Distress?

In many cases, it’s possible to spot an issue with your water heater before you experience a total loss of hot water. Watch out for the less obvious signs of a problem, and contact our repair team for help ASAP.

Signs that your water heater needs to be repaired include:

  • Less hot water: This is the most obvious sign of a malfunction. If your water heater isn’t producing enough hot water, or any at all, it’s a clear indicator that it needs a repair.
  • Strange noises: If you’re hearing gurgling, popping, or cracking sounds from your water heater, it might be due to sediment build-up in the tank.
  • Water leaks: Leaking water around your heater is a serious issue that warrants immediate attention.
  • Discolored water: If your hot water has a rusty or muddy tint or carries an unusual smell, it could be a sign of an issue with your water heater.
  • Inconsistent temperatures: If your water alternates between hot and cold without you changing the settings, your water heater could be malfunctioning.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, we recommend getting your water heater inspected by a professional to prevent further damage and maintain the comfort of your home.

Get your water heater or tankless water heater repaired fast – call our O’Fallon team at (636) 538-5179 to request same-day service!

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How Much Can a Water Heater Be Repaired Before It Needs Replacing?

Water heaters generally have a lifespan of 8-12 years, and while regular maintenance and timely repairs can extend this, there comes a point when repairs may no longer be cost-effective. If your water heater is approaching the end of its lifespan and is frequently breaking down, it would be more beneficial to invest in a new unit. A new water heater will save you from the constant worry and cost of repairs and can also provide improved energy efficiency, resulting in lower utility bills.

However, before making a final decision, you should consider the nature and cost of the problem. Something small like a broken heating element or faulty thermostat can be replaced relatively inexpensively, prolonging the life of the water heater. But if the tank itself is leaking due to rust or corrosion, or if your tankless unit has been severely damaged, replacing the entire unit is typically the most practical solution. Always consult with a professional to understand the best course of action for your specific situation.

Let the water heater repair experts at Armstrong Plumbing get hot water flowing through your home again. Call us at (636) 538-5179 or reach out to us online to request service in O’Fallon, Florissant, or Chesterfield!

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Avoiding Future Water Heater Repairs

Maintaining your water heater can go a long way in preventing future repairs and prolonging its lifespan. With proper maintenance on a regular schedule, your water heater can last longer and perform better.

Use these water heater maintenance tips: 

  • Inspect it regularly: Make it a habit to visually inspect your water heater for leaks or rust periodically. These signs can hint at early problems that can be fixed before they become serious issues.
  • Drain and flush the tank annually: Over time, sediments can accumulate at the bottom of your tank, causing damage and reducing efficiency. Flushing the tank yearly can help avoid this.
  • Test the pressure relief valve: The pressure relief valve is a safety feature that prevents pressure build-up in your tank. Regularly testing this valve ensures it’s working correctly and your tank is safe.
  • Insulate the tank: Insulating your water heater tank can reduce heat loss and increase energy efficiency. Just make sure not to cover the thermostat.
  • Lower the temperature: Setting your water heater’s temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit can prevent overheating and save on energy costs.

Remember, regular professional maintenance is crucial for keeping your water heater in top shape. Always reach out to a qualified plumber for any issues beyond your understanding or control.

Whether you’re looking to prevent future issues or deal with an emergency, the water heater repair team at Armstrong Plumbing is here for you. Call our O’Fallon office at (636) 538-5179 today to get started!

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  • "Armstrong Plumbing was courteous, professional, on time, and did good work. We had a list of repairs in our initial request but then ended up with a new leak before they came. They fixed our leak and the rest of the list as well in one visit."
    Kimberly S.
  • "Armstrong Plumbing is a very reliable, honest, plumbing service company in the St. Louis area. I’ve used them for 10 years. They are super responsive whenever I have a problem and I’ve never had to wait more than 24 hours for a service call."
    Scott L.
  • "Armstrong Plumbing has been the greatest help! We are thankful for the hard work they did digging and replacing our sewer lateral. These are some of the hardest-working and caring guys. Definitely recommend!"
    Katlyn S.
  • "We had to repipe our house from grey piping to copper. Armstrong Plumbing offered a fair price for the upgrade. Very pleased with the work and very impressed with the cleanup. We would recommend their services to anyone."
    Jefferey M.
  • "One of the most professional contractors I’ve ever dealt with. They came in and got the job done without making a mess or damaging anything. If you use Armstrong, you will get a code-compliant water heater installation."
    Kurt D.
  • "

    Had our main valve replaced today. Armstrong walked me through the fix and then tested it. They ensure full transparency and satisfaction including pricing upfront. Very professional and knowledgeable team.

    Michael B.
  • "Armstrong Plumbing is the absolute best. We purchased a remodeled home that had some issues with the plumbing and Armstrong has fixed everything. They always make sure to get us on the schedule and are always so professional."
    Sydney S.
  • "Armstrong Plumbing is our new go-to plumbing company. We will definitely use them again in the future. Very pleased with their courteous & knowledgeable employees and feel so very fortunate to have found them."
    Cheryl P.

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Common Answers To Your Questions

Have questions? We are here to help. Still have questions or can't find the answer you need? Give us a call at 636-538-5179 today!

  • How do I know if I need to replace a main water line?

    This is usually a matter of age and condition. If the pipes in your home are older than 50 years or so, you should be checking them regularly for signs of rust or corrosion. Corroded water lines need to be replaced right away.

  • What can I do about a leaky faucet?

    Often, a leaky faucet is caused by a corroded O-ring, gasket, or valve seal. Try shutting off the water and removing the faucet handle. You may be able to fix the problem by tightening the nut that holds all the internal parts in place. You may also want to try disassembling the faucet to inspect its components. If you notice a part that is broken, replacing that part can do the trick. If you continue having problems with a dripping faucet, give us a call.

  • Is there a way to prevent clogged drains in my house?

    Yes! First of all, don't put things down your drains that don't belong there: this includes hair, oil or grease, coffee grounds, hard food and egg shells. A drain stopper or filter can also stop larger materials from going down your drain and clogging it.