Smart Plumbing Products for Your Home


You may have heard about "smart homes," homes connected to internet devices that allow you to set your alarm or turn your lights off remotely. If you're not familiar with smart home plumbing products, it may be time to do some research. Smart home capabilities are just getting started, and they're expanding to include plumbing-related service.

Smart Products Can Do Much More than Turn Off the Lights

If you've asked Alexa to set a timer or tell you what the weather's like, then you're probably already familiar with some aspects of smart home technology. Today's products, however, do much more than turn down your thermostat. From security to cooking and cleaning, these voice-enabled or mobile enabled devices are changing the way we think about home care and home improvement. If you're willing to trade your existing system for something new, you can take advantage of smart functionality.

Plumbing is the next frontier in this kind of technology. Today, there's dozens of new products coming out that don't just make it easy to start your shower, but also help you monitor your plumbing before an issue arises!

New Products Alert You to Plumbing Problems

One such product is Flo by Moen. This device learns your home's water usage trends and gives you updates if it detects any abnormalities. If, for example, you experience a water leak, it can be set to automatically shut off your main water supply, which would greatly reduce possible water damage to your home. This device also monitors water temperature and allows you to keep an eye on your pipes during extreme cold weather.

Another promising product is the Zoeller A-Pak Alarm. This is a secondary high water alarm system with built-in wifi communication that alerts you when there are problems with your sump pump. This is perfect for our customers who have second homes at the lake or who are concerned about an aging sump pump system.

For consumers looking to add a little more convenience into their lives, the Sensage Smart Faucet by Kohler is a great upgrade. This faucet allows traditional, contactless, and voice command through a device like Alexa or Siri. With this technology, you can dispense just the right amount of water, and turn your faucet on or off without getting near it.

Contact Armstrong Plumbing if You're Interested in Installing a Smart Product

If you're looking for a way to monitor any plumbing issues you may have or simply upgrade your kitchen or bathroom for a more convenient lifestyle, we can help. For those of us who own an older home, or for people who want to avoid frozen pipes or leaks, devices like these can really be game-changers. Let our skilled technicians discuss your options with you and give you the peace of mind that smart products like these can offer.

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