Noisy Pipes? Here are 5 Common Pipe Noises & Likely Causes


A banging pipe can be a scary sound – and not just on Halloween. Often, it means that you'll have to do some detective work to identify the problem and get it fixed. At Armstrong, we're well-versed in the language your pipes speak. Let us help you find answers with this list of 5 common pipe noises and what's likely causing them.

Banging Pipes

Banging or knocking pipes are caused by a problem with your water pressure or water flow. If the air used to pressurize your pipes either leaks or runs low, water can rush forward, creating a knocking sound as it runs the length of your pipes. Sometimes banging noises are caused by what is called a water hammer. This happens when a valve or faucet is suddenly shut off. Then, the water that was flowing toward that valve meets it with a high amount of momentum, causing a bang. In other cases, air can become trapped in your pipes. If this occurs, you may notice a banging or sputtering sound when you first turn on a faucet.

Humming Pipes

Humming or vibrating happens when your water pressure is too high and exceeds your system's capacity. When your water is running and the vibrating amps up, you may hear a humming noise. This problem often occurs in homes that use well water. If you rely on well water, make sure your tank's pressure setting is no higher than 55 pounds per square inch. If you aren't able to get a reading of your water pressure, give us a call. We can test your pressure and make adjustments. That will fix the problem.

Gurgling Pipes

Pipes gurgling every time you turn off the faucet? The problem may be that your pipes are not draining well. When your pipes are obstructed somehow, you'll often hear a glugging or gurgling sound. You may want to check to see if you've accidentally washed an item down the drain. If not, you may have built up soap scum or hard water deposits in your pipes. If the problem is significant, you can schedule a professional drain cleaning to clear it up.

Rattling Pipes

This problem is caused not by water but by a pipe that isn't properly fastened. Many of the pipes behind your walls and under your floors hang suspended. If a fastener becomes loose or is missing altogether, you'll hear a rattling noise then water flows through that section. If you're unable to locate or access this problem pipe section, you may need a professional to help secure it. That will eliminate the noise.

Squealing or Whistling Pipes

This one's annoying. When you hear a high-pitched squeal or whistle when you use your plumbing, it's likely because of the small components that make things like faucets and valves work properly. These small components or washers can wear out. When that happens, your pipes protest and you'll hear that whistling noise. Often, these problems happen when you run your dishwasher or washing machine. If you notice them, check that all components of your valves are working properly, or call a professional to help identify the source and fix the problem.

Armstrong can Provide Same Day Service for Plumbing Problems

Loud plumbing noises aren't simply irritating. They can indicate a serious plumbing problem that requires diagnosis by a professional. At Armstrong, we answer questions about strange plumbing noises every day. We'll be happy to come out, usually on the same day, and help you fix the problem. Contact us today for an estimate. We're ready to help.

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