When To Use A Plunger


When Should You Use a Plunger?

Blockage in the sink or toilet can be a messy experience, the sink starts to stink, particles remain on the surface, and worse of all, if it's in the toilet; a blockage can even cause overflow all over the bathroom floor. Pipe blockage is mostly resulting from insolvent materials; mistakenly flushing down toilet paper or any other solid substance. Before panicking and deciding to call a plumber, you can also try to solve the problem using a tool called a Plunger. Here are some tips on how to use a plunger effectively.

Choose the best and most suitable one. A plunger for the sink isn’t the same for the toilet due to its design for use; there are also different types you can easily get in the market. You may come across some cheap plungers and consider going for one, but is it really worth it? Buying a good one despite its cost will serve you more. The ideal plunger has a handle of about 2 feet long and a thick rim with rubber at the end.

Before starting to plunge, place the rubber end of the tool over the sink drain hole to close other openings that connect to the drain you're trying to unclog. For a more firm fit, apply petroleum jelly to the rim of the rubber end. After which, fill the sink with water till it covers the plunger head.

Start Plunging: Vigorously pump the plunger over the drain opening for about 15 minutes with forceful thrust exerting high water pressure which will dislodge the clog and push in through downward the pipe. However, you might need to do this several times before you notice results due to the nature of the clog. However, take caution with the pressure so as not to damage the sink fitting.

But what about a professional plumbing company for this service? Getting a plunger for self-cleaning of the home sink and other drainages isn’t such a bad idea, but what of the busy schedule? What if you need an experienced hand in getting your sewer or drain fixed quickly so that you can enjoy peace of mind again? Assisting customers throughout St. Louis Missouri over the years has been an everyday job for Armstrong Plumbing. Services can be delivered the same day with 24-hour customer services to help repair, remodel, and install all plumbing-related job. This company based in St. Louis, MO will not only give a solution to sewage cleanup but also to Electrical, HVAC, and remodeling among others. Working with different homes and family sizes over the years, understand the importance of good hygiene in the household, and that is what can be ensured for you.  With a team of highly trained experts who make use of advanced yet organic and safety equipment with 24/7 availability

A team of professional technicians and remodeling tradesmen with a multiple A class of expertise all over many states with numerous awards. Your local plumber most times may not be able to deliver a perfect job or disappoint when needed. The team of experts will provide a quality job efficiently with an affordable price and 100% customer satisfaction. With focused plumbing service in St. Louis Mo.

Calling Armstrong Plumbing for your home solution will let you witness neat, professional work, 24/7 hour service, use of advanced types of equipment that don't harm health, and full customer satisfaction among others. For quick contact, you can reach out on (636) 538-5179 to place a quote.

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